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We currently have 5 Texas Concealed handgun license instructors on staff and are in the process of adding more. Three of our current instructors have been licensed from the inception of the Texas CHL, with several thousand students passing through our doors over the years.


Our current instructor staff comes from all walks of life including a Texas Peace officer, Firearms business owner, a junior high school teacher and senior manager at one of the nation's largest corporations.


David Sayers - David has been in the firearms business since 1968, He is a NRA certified instructor, Certified Gun Smith for 30 plus years, and was one of the first CHL instructors in the Houston area.


Bobby Hosmer - Bobby is a US. Army veteran and has been a firearms instructor for several years. He is a certified armorer and has been in the firearms industry for 15 plus years.


Torsten Dickert - Better know as TJ, he is a Vietnam Veteran and a retired NYPD and New Jersey Police Officer and is currently a Galveston County Peace officer. TJ is a Certified Law Enforcement Firearms Training Officer, Certified NRA Rifle, Shotgun, Pistol Instructor, and was also one of the First CHL instructors in the Houston area.


Noe Vasquez Sr - Noe was certified in 1995 as a CHL instructor and is one of the few in the Houston area that teaches an all Spanish speaking class.


Rhonda Pitts - Rhonda is a graduate of the Texas DPS instructorsí school and been an instructor for several years. Rhonda is a Texas Certified Teacher and is a natural instructor. Rhonda is also a NRA certified firearms instructor, a competitive shooter, and she is a Gunsite graduate, having earned expert status.



CHL Class Information


Pasadena Gun Center

206 Shaw

Pasadena, Texas  77506

713  472-0417


CHL Classes are offered every Saturday (unless a Holiday falls on one of those Saturdays).

  • Classes are held from  8:00am - 6:00pm.

  • The charge for the class is  $100.00

  • The classroom lecture, range qualification, lunch break and several short breaks during the 10 hour class is all included.

  • Texas D. P. S. charges a fee of $140.00 (unless applicant is 60 or older, fee is then only $70.00) to cover the cost of the background checks and processing.




Note: Effective March 1, 2011, the Department will ONLY accept electronic fingerprint submissions. At this time, the State approved vendor is L-1 Enrollment Services.



Sign up and Pay in advance to make sure you can be in the class.

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